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Nafpaktia Weather ( September 2010 – January 2011 ) written in PHP and JavaScript by Antonios Katsonis.

This concept began by Afoi Katsoni ( cement products ) for measurements to attain resilience and quality of the company’s produced products. A weather station is connected to a computer through a console, which undertakes sending periodically the data source to a server in XML file. This site is not intended only for personal use but also for public use, according to the developer of the site.
There are also Solar and UV sensors to gauge sun radiation. Another feature is information about sky conditions, 12-24-48 hours weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, sunrise/sunset times, phases of the moon and more...
Also server employs software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.

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About forecast : Don't make important decisions that depend on weather forecast.
Author has no responsibility for what may happen.

Weather Instrument
DAVIS Vantage Pro2
Manufacture year
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +65°C
Non-operating Temperature
-45°C to +70°C
Current Draw
0.14 mA ( average ) at 4 to 6 VDC
Solar Power Panel
0.5 watts
CR-123, 3 Volt Lithium cell
Battery Life
8 months without sunlight
2 years on solar charging
Fan Aspiration Rate
1.0 m/s ( full sun )
0.4 m/s ( battery only )
Connectors, Sensor
Modular RJ-11
Cable Type
4-conductor, 26 AWG
Transmit/Receive Frequency
868.0 - 868.6 MHz FHSS
ID Codes Available
300 m ( line of sight )
75 - 100 m ( through walls )
RF Filtering
RC low-pass filter on each signal line
Temperature Sensor Type
Platinum wire thermistor
Relative Humidity Sensor Type
Film capacitor element
Wind Direction Sensor
Wind vane with potentiometer
Wind Speed Sensor
Wind cups with magnetic switch
Rain Collector Type
Tip bucket, 214 cm² collection area
Housing Material
UV-resistant ABS plastic
UV Sensor
Semiconductor photodiode
279 mm x 238 mm x 533 mm
4.6 kg

Solar Radiation Sensor
VAISALA CMP3 Pyranometer
Photodiode Detector

Αφοί Κατσώνη
Βιοτεχνία τσιμεντοπροϊόντων - Ασβεστοποιΐα
3ο χλμ. Επ. Οδού Ναυπάκτου - Θέρμου
Τηλ. 2634025522

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